Tuesday 20 August 2019

Tortured Wexford dog has leg amputated

By David Tucker

A helpless puppy had to have its leg amputated after it was tortured by a group of children at a housing estate in the Enniscorthy area.

The WSPCA and the county dog warden were alerted to the animal's plight by a member of the public who saw the puppy being swung around by its leg.

'How they could do this and how none of their parents saw what was going on is beyond me,' said Brigid Cullen, from the WSPCA, 'sometimes I am scared to pick up my phone because of the level of cruelty.'

'When our vet X-Rayed the little guy its leg was that badly broken that the only option was to amputate, it was touch and go for a while, but thankfully he is making a great recovery,' she said.

Brigid said the the pup was in terrible pain when it was rescued.

'God knows what happened to the rest of the litter, this was the only one there.'

Brigid said the pup was being fostered in Killurin and 'just wanted to be held,' with the foster carer carrying it around in a sling.

The said the society had already found a new home for the pup.

Brigid said that anyone who suspected cruelty or neglect to any animal should contact the WSPCA on 053 9143919

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