Wednesday 18 September 2019

Tot's legs broken as buggy is hit by car


A WEXFORD TODDLER had both her legs broken last week when a car mounted a footpath and collided with her buggy.

Two-year old Sarah Furlong from St. Ibar's Villas spent a week in Crumlin Children's Hospital after also suffering internal injuries in the horrific accident at St John's Drive, pictured right, last week, as her father Patrick Kavanagh took her for a walk.

Patrick was pushing his daughter's buggy towards the local primary school at about 2.20 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon when a car coming in the opposite direction came onto the footpath and struck them.

The dad was thrown into a garden on impact as the car struck the pushchair, severely injuring Sarah. The accident was seen by building workers nearby, who rushed to help. IN A STATE of shock, Pat scrambled over the front garden wall of a house to get to his traumatised daughter following the accident. The car, which was driven by a woman who was not injured in the crash, ended up against the wall.

Sarah, the only child of Pat and Clare Furlong of St. Ibar's Villas, suffered fractures to both her thighs as well as a damaged spleen.

She was brought by ambulance to Wexford General Hospital and was later transferred to Crumlin Children's Hospital in Dublin where she underwent surgery on Wednesday.

Her worried parents kept an anxious vigil by her bedside throughout her week-long hospital stay. She was due to be discharged yesterday ( Tuesday) but will be unable to walk for some time as both her legs are in plaster casts.

Pat was treated for minor injuries and bruising at St. James Hospital in Dublin.

After the accident, gardai carried out forensic examinations at the scene where the mangled buggy lay on the footpath. The investigation is continuing this week.

Sarah's grandmother Irene Furlong of Pinewood Estate said it was a miracle that her granddaughter survived.

'It is a miracle that she has come out of it. She was so lucky. Hopefully her little legs will heal quickly,' she said.

Irene thanked the staff of Wexford General Hospital for the brilliant care they gave Sarah. ' They were fantastic. They never left her during the whole time she was there.

'Only for Wexford General, I don't know if she would have made it,' Irene added.

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