Sunday 25 August 2019

Tourists slam Curracloe's 'uncivilised' toilets

The toilets at Curracloe beach.
The toilets at Curracloe beach.
The public toilets in Curracloe.
The beachside toilets at Curracloe have been criticised by tourists.
Curracloe toilets
The beachside toilets at Curracloe have been criticised by tourists.


Tourists have expressed their disgust over the condition of the public toilets in the popular tourist village of Curracloe.

According to London resident Jimmy Stewart, the toilets were in 'a disgusting state' when he visited them during a driving trip around Ireland.

'I have travelled a lot and have never seen anything as bad anywhere else in the world,' he said. 'They are so unhygienic and uncivilised.'

Jimmy spoke to other tourists, who according to him, were equally 'appalled' with the state of the facility. Although Jimmy tried to make a complaint about the toilets, he said that 'nobody was interested' in solving the problem.

Gerry Forde, Acting Senior Manager of the Environmental Department at Wexford County Council, said that, despite their best efforts, large summer crowds can make it difficult to keep the facilities clean.

'We only have part-time caretakers at the moment,' he added.

However, according to Gerry, he has also received positive comments about the Curracloe facilities from visitors.

'I wouldn't like people to think that it is always negative,' he said.

At present, the department are reviewing the service and hope to improve it over the next few months.

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