Monday 22 January 2018

Trader quitting over complaints

By David Tucker

Bernie Doyle in action at her market staff.
Bernie Doyle in action at her market staff.

A Wexford market trader says she is quitting the market because of complaints by a shop owner about cooking smells wafting into the premises.

Now the Mayor, Cllr. George Lawlor, has been called in to sort out the problem before Bernie Doyle, from B's Market Kitchen, in the Bullring, quits the market as planned on Saturday (May 23).

Bernie claims she is worn down by complaints made by Diana Donnelly, from Diana Donnelly Ladies Fashions, in the Bullring, who says that smells from cooking burgers and other dishes pervade her up-market shop whenever the market kitchen is open. Bernie says that 'there are two other clothes shops nearby and neither one of them has complained.'

Asked by this newspaper to comment on the issue, Diana Donnelly, replied: 'It's all been attended to by the corporation and I don't have anything to say.'

Bernie said the row had gone viral after she posted details on her Facebook page, attracting more than 1,400 people to show their support of her within 24 hours.

'There has been uproar since I put it up on Facebook,' told this newspaper.

As messages of support flooded in, she posted: 'Just wanna say lads that had to have been one of the most emotional days I've had in nearly 4 years I don't breakdown, but I think I'm actually overwhelmed I never expected any of this, but if it helps any other small person like myself starting out..'

She said the complaints first surfaced at the middle of last year and earlier this year.

'The council came in like a SWAT team and moved me from a stall close to the entrance to the market, to a stall further down it,' she said.

A galvanised wall was also erected 'to surround me' which the council subsequently removed because it had been attached in part to another business. A second barrier was then erected with a galvanised bottom and a perspex top.

Bernie said that during the recent Jestfest she 'moved up a couple of spots' on the basis that the ladies fashion shop would be closed on the Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.

She claims, however, there were more complaints from the shop owner and one from a council official on duty during the festival.

'I've had enough and I'm handing in my notice because I can't take it any more,' said Bernie.

Bernie said she had not had a 'face-to-face' meeting with Diana Donnelly, but the business woman had complained directly to her in front of customers in the market.

Cllr. Lawlor is due to meet Bernie and council officials on Tuesday morning (May 19).

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