Saturday 14 December 2019

Treacy’s on bread alert during storm

A tasty and tempting offer at Treacy’s!
A tasty and tempting offer at Treacy’s!

Pádraig Byrne

While the whole East coast was on red alert ahead of the arrival of The Beast from the East, it felt like we were on 'Bread Alert' as shops sold out of sliced pans with lightning speed. Barren shelves were a common sight in shops and supermarkets and it seemed that a loaf of bread was a valuable enough commodity to be traded on the stock exchange.

Treacy's Hotel in Enniscorthy came up with an interesting promotion as they, somewhat tongue in cheek, offered a free slice of bread with every pint purchased in the hotel bar. So not only did customers get a nice creamy pint of Guinness for themselves, they also got the most vital of storm supplies - bread!

Somewhat more practically, before the storm, Treacy's were offering a special storm rate across all their five hotels in the country for businesses. They offered discounted room rates for the staff of local businesses so that they could stay open or if their staff became stuck. They were also able to help out members of emergency services. With free bread on offer with pints, many were happy to stay and weather the storm right there!

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