Sunday 20 October 2019

Tributes paid as Don Curtin bids farewell

WELL WISHES were extended to the recently retired Don Curtin, the Liaison Officer with the National Roads Authority, at last Tuesday's sitting of Wexford County Council.

Initiating the words of well wishes was Cllr. Paddy Kavanagh who commented that Mr. Curtin was 'very good at the job he did', and with his years of experience will be missed.

He then queried who will be replacing Don in his role, to which County Manager Eddie Breen replied that there is a 'new man' from Kilkenny who has 'come off the M9 route'.

'I also want to be associated with the good wishes to Don Curtin,' added Cllr. Padge Reck, adding that he regards Mr. Curtin as one of the finest officials he has ever worked with.

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