Sunday 20 October 2019

Tried to hide drugs in his underpants

A YOUNG man who tried to hide cannabis in his underpants was convicted and fined €100 at Wexford District Court.

Jason Barnwell (20) of 31 Saint Aidan's Green, Clongeen, was charged with unlawful possession of drugs at Wellingtonbridge on November 15, 2012.

Inspector Derek Hughes said the defendant was in the front passenger seat of a car which was stopped at a checkpoint that day.

'He seemed to be trying to put something down his underpants. A hand rolled cigarette was retrieved and the defendant admitted it was a joint,' Insp Hughes added.

The court heard Barnwell has no previous convictions and lives with his sister at present.

When asked by Judge Gerard Haughton if a drug test would show up clear if he took one that day, he admitted that it wouldn't.

'You haven't learned any lesson from this incident except not to get caught,' the Judge said, fining Barnwell €100.

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