Friday 15 December 2017

'Troublemaker' broke into three homes on one estate


A MAN who broke into three homes in the one estate and stole meat worth over €1,000 from a south Wexford butcher's in the space of 24-hours has been branded a troublemaker by Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla.

Gary Pitman (24) of King Street in Wexford reappeared before Wexford District Court after failing to comply with the conditions of a probation bond he entered into after being found guilty of the offences.

He was charged with breaking into three homes in Fethard-on-Sea, stealing a large quantity of goods worth over €4,000, and with stealing meat products €1,120 from a butcher business in Bridgetown.

Pitman was charged with stealing three paintings, a Beko television, a glass decanter, a Phillips stereo and a telescope (with a combined value of €3,800) from 9 Ceol na Mara in Fethard-on-Sea.

On the same date at 6 Ceol na Mara he was charged with stealing a timber sea chest containing two wetsuits, worth a total of €450, while at 7 Ceol na Mara he stole a hall mirror, a stereo, an FAI T-shirt and a blanket box, with a combined value of €300.

The three break-ins occurred on August 19, 2008, while Pitman is also charged with driving without insurance and a licence in Fethard-on-Sea on the same date.

Pitman is also charged with stealing meat products worth €1,120 from Frank Doyle & Son Butchers in Bridgetown on August 18/19, 2008.

Judge O Buachalla noted that Pitman had been given every opportunity to comply with the probation bond.

Pitman had entered into a 12month probation bond of €400 for one year and agreed to comply with five conditions recommended by the probation officer.

These recommendations included that he must attend the Cornmarket Project; seek training and employment in order to have some structure in his life; attend his local doctor and attend drug screening as well as attending the probation service.

Ed King, for Pitman, said his client had been living in Drogheda for some time and was appealing for one more chance before a custodial sentence was imposed, pointing out that he had spent five days in Cloverhill Prison before the court sitting last week as a result of a warrant for his arrest being executed.

Mr King said this spell in prison had ' concentrated his mind', but Judge O Buachalla noted that three warrants had been issued for Pitman's arrest already 'so he has no intention of attending court again'.

Mr King said Pitman had been living in Drogheda in recent months, caring for his mother, but he is now back living with his father in Wexford town.

'He tells me when he comes to Wexford he gets into trouble and it all falls apart,' said Mr King. ' Causes trouble or gets into trouble?' asked Judge O Buachalla. ' Gets into,' said Mr King. 'I think it's more the other one,' replied Judge O Buachalla.

Pitman told the judge he wants to move to Drogheda permanently. ' There's nothing here in this town for me anymore. I want to make a clean start,' he said.

The judge noted that one of the charges alone saw the injured party burgled to the tune of €3,800 and asked if any compensation had been forthcoming from Pitman.

Mr King said that he had spoken to the probation service and they were willing to give Pitman one more chance to cooperate. 'It's up to you to mend your fences with the probation service,' the judge told him, adding that he also wanted to hear from Pitman in respect of possible compensation for the injured parties.

'You are facing a custodial sentence in the event you don't address these issues,' said the judge, adjourning the case until July 7. He ordered that Pitman sign on at Wexford Garda Station every day in the mean time, or at Drogheda Garda Station if he is visiting his mother.

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