Monday 16 September 2019

Truck driver counts cost as diesel thieves strike

A TRUCK driver got stranded on Mary Street in Wexford last week after someone stole ¤150 worth of diesel from the fuel tank of the vehicle.

Anthony McCann from Monaghan had a delivery in Waterford on Tuesday morning and stayed overnight in the Rhu Glenn Hotel on the New Ross/Waterford Road on Monday.

After making the delivery to Musgraves in Waterford City, he drove to Devereux office supplies in Wexford but when he got back into his truck, it wouldn't start.

Anthony discovered that his diesel had been stolen. He managed to get a container of fuel to put into the tank but when a mechanic came to bleed the pipe, a nut broke. The truck driver had to wait around for hours until the mechanic secured a replacement part in Ferns.

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