Friday 20 September 2019

Two Rosslare estates will be taken in charge by council

By Esther Hayden

Two housing estates in Rosslare will be taken in charge by Wexford County Council.

At last week's meeting of Wexford Borough District the members agreed that Barr na Haille in Rosslare and Ros Mor in Rosslare Strand should be taken over by the council.

Barr na Haille was an unfinished estate where only 17 of the 108 units originally granted permission were constructed. A number of duplex and 13 part built houses were demolished.

The members heard that the roads and services on the estate have been completed using bond funds and is now to a standard suitable for taking in charge. No submissions in respect of the draft proposal to take the estate in charge were received by the council.

In respect of Ros Mor in Rosslare Harbour the members were told that it is a 34 house development which is suitable for taking in charge. Again no submissions were received by the council in respect of the proposal.

Cllr George Lawlor said he was delighted to see the two estates being taken in charge but asked that a comprehensive list of all the estates which are yet to be taken in charge and the progress being made to do so be made available for the next meeting.

He said that at the November meeting he spoke about two estates which have yet to be taken in charge and said that in one instance the council had the bond for 17 years.

Engineer James Lavin said that a new engineer, Sean Kavanagh, had been appointed to the borough district and he would have a thorough knowledge of the estates outstanding which he will present to the members.

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