Sunday 20 October 2019

Two year old boy is recovering after fall from window

Willow Park estate, where the child fell from a first floor window.
Willow Park estate, where the child fell from a first floor window.

David Looby

A two-year-old boy who sustained serious head injuries in a fall from a first floor window in a New Ross estate has made a '100 per cent' recovery according to his grandfather.

The boy fell from the window of his Willow Park home late on Thursday night.

The child's grandfather - who asked to remain anonymous - said: 'It was a genuine accident. He climbed up on the window and fell to the ground. He suffered head injuries and a black eye but he's 100 per cent OK now, thank God. It could have been a lot, lot worse.'

The boy's fall was broken when he struck the porch and he was found conscious but bleeding by his mother before being rushed to University Hospital Waterford.

He was assessed at the hospital and a decision was made for him to be flown by the Rescue 117 helicopter from Waterford Airport to Dublin Airport.

Upon arrival he was taken by ambulance to Temple Street Hospital.

His condition was described as serious but stable and his grandfather confirmed that he had scans but they came back


'He had to get some stitches but he is going to be fine. He's out of danger. It was an awful shock for the family. We want to thank everyone in New Ross for their great support and to thank the ambulance drivers and the rescue team and helicopter pilot as time was of the essence.

'The helicopter got him up to Dublin in less than an hour and that made all the difference. He was well looked after.'

He said his grandson will remain at University Hospital Waterford for a time and the family are hopeful that he will be back with them later this week.

'It has been a terrible ordeal. It was a genuine mistake and thankfully he is 100 per cent okay. We just want to thank everyone for their help and support over these past few difficult days.'

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