Wednesday 23 October 2019

Twomey and Fine Gael under fire over proposed abortion legislation

MORE than 100 people, including Deputy Liam Twomey and Senator Jim Walsh, attended a County Wexford Prolife Campaign meeting in the Talbot Hotel recently.

Speakers were Barrister Lorcan Price, a member of the Prolife Campaign, and Tim Jackson of The Life Institute/Youth Defence.

They addressed what were termed the many shortcomings and untruths relating to the necessity for the Proposed Heads of the Bill for the Protection of Life During Pregnancy.

A very lively and courteous discussion followed.

Deputy Twomey took the opportunity to speak and outline the Fine Gael position on the proposed legislation.

This was responded to by Mr. Price in which he outlined the 'government's complete disregard' for the opinion of all of the psychiatrists who gave evidence at the Oireachtas Health sub-committee hearings last January who said that that abortion is not a treatment for suicide.

Mr. Price also addressed the so-called 'restrictive measures' which even at this time are being scrutinised by legal experts in the pro-abortion lobby.

He also addressed the 'untruth' that we are obliged to legislate for the X case and the "C" case.

The Prolife group said it appeared the legislation was being introduced because 'Fine Gael has decided to turn its back on its long-standing Prolife principles and has caved in to the minority Labour Party who may well be obliterated in the next election.

'Fine Gael in proposing this legislation has reneged on a written commitment freely given to the Prolife Campaign before the last election to secure the Prolife vote in February 2011.'

Mr. Jackson outlined the work carried out by numerous Prolife groups in all of the other constituencies throughout the country to convince the Fine Gael party not to go ahead with their proposed abortion legislation. Senator Jim Walsh addressed the inherent dangers in the proposed legislation for both pregnant women and their unborn children.

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