Wednesday 20 February 2019

'UnPC' Trump is part of America's growing pains

Terri with Tad Devine, Bernie Sanders’ chief strategist at the 2017 Kennedy Summer School in New Ross, with Donald Trump pictured on a poster in the background
Terri with Tad Devine, Bernie Sanders’ chief strategist at the 2017 Kennedy Summer School in New Ross, with Donald Trump pictured on a poster in the background

David Looby

New Ross based businesswoman Teri Morris believes Donald Trump has every right to exercise free speech, but is adamant that he has failed to fulfil his promise of making America great again.

Teri, who runs pulseHub Web Design, Development & Training, has lived in County Wexford for many years and has seen several presidents come and go, but feels the Trump presidency has been the most remarkable so far.

An avid Bernie Sanders supporter, Teri ultimately voted for Independent Jill Stein in the 2016 Presidential election, after Sanders was overtaken by Hillary Clinton, who won the Democrat party nomination battle. 'There was no way I was voting for Hillary after what she did to Bernie; I would even have preferred Trump as I felt she was part of the establishment.'

On Trump's actions on the global stage, she said: 'I really don't care. A lot of people are saying how bad this is. I think it's probably a good thing (he's President) as a lot of the things he is coming out with and that people are outraged about, the Far Right have been saying for years. He has brought everything to the surface and a lot of people do believe in what he is saying.'

Teri believes that American people have to grapple with the issues which have been dividing society there for decades. 'A lot of people hated when George Bush got re-elected but it wasn't a bad things as it paved the way for Barack Obama. I voted for John Kerry and I voted for Al Gore before him. I was so annoyed with Bush I wrote to the Irish Independent about it and they made it one of their lead editorials but would we have had Barack Obama if Bush wasn't elected? I think when people see how incredible Trump is he could paved the way for Bernie Sanders to run again.'

Teri said America has always been riven by deep divisions and Trump is part of the nation's growing pains. 'For the country to mature it has to go through this. That is how nations develop. For me this is part of the way the system works and at the end of the day you end up somewhere in the middle. There are sweeping winds in America against progressives who would have been Bernie Sanders supporters.'

Adopting a comfortable distance from the heady debates raging in her native America, Teri said: 'I try not to get caught up in it. At the end of the day presidents come and go and if you think about it, it would drive you mad. I just think that he is Donald Trump. I am not surprised by his actions. He was never going to be your typical, diplomatic president. He is so into himself and has shown that he relates better with guys who are more like him like egotistical dictators. To me it's just Donald Trump and I defend his right to have his own opinions.'

Teri said she has been questioned by friends in the New Ross area about this belief, but counters by saying that she agrees with him that everybody is far too politically correct.

'Everyone is either of the belief that Donald Trump is absolutely terrible and on the other side people are totally supportive of him. He lacks compassion in the things that he says and he is not making America great again.'

Teri believes America needs a strong and firm leader, but also someone who is compassionate and caring. 'Donald Trump is doing the same kind of things Hillary would have. She would have continued with the same policies creating greater inequality. There needs to be someone who stands up to the way things are working at the moment. He didn't stand up for the little guy as he promised and is more concerned about his own wealth. He doesn't like foreigners and yet hires foreigners to work in his hotels. I would rather have someone who is blatantly hypocritical than to have someone in the White House who is secretly so like Hillary.'

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