Thursday 14 December 2017

UNUSUAL PROCEDURE IN DISTRICT COURT Honest cop gives €50 to the State

WITH AN increasingly heavy burden on taxpayers and Anglo Irish Bank a seemingly endless black hole sucking in billions of Euro from the State coffers, an honest Wexford Garda has made a modest contribution to the Exchequer funds.

Sergeant Peter Griffin came before Wexford District Court last week with an application to 'dispose' of a €50 note that has been in the custody of the Gardaí in Wexford for some time.

Judge Donnchadh O Buachalla asked if there was a 'notice party', as there often is when the Gardaí seek to dispose of property, but Sgt Griffin informed him that no-one was laying claim to the note.

'It's just a €50 note I found outside the Garda Station a number of years ago,' said Sgt Griffin. As no-one ever laid claim to it he eventually sought its disposal and Judge O Buachalla last Tuesday granted the application, which will see the cash given to the hardpressed Exchequer.

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