Sunday 22 September 2019

Unwanted birthday Dylan as flu struck

TEENAGER Dylan Walsh didn't expect to spend his 16th birthday stricken with swine flu, but there he was, bedridden for a week with the virus.

A Transition Year student, Dylan was sick over the school Christmas holidays, so not only did he miss his birthday, he didn't get any days off from classes.

Now fully recovered, the youmg man celebrated last week with friends and family and is 'delighted' to be back at school.

' You win some, you lose some,' said Dylan, who opted to rest up at home and fight off the illness himself rather than take strong anti-viral medication.

He got ill on January 2, and soon realized that he had more than a common cold. ' Everything spins, and you can't stand up,' he explained. 'Before I knew it I was in bed, in bits; I couldn't move too fast or everything would spin.'

His friend had the same symptoms around the same time. When Dylan found out that she had been to the doctor who diagnosed swine flu, he realised then that he had it too.

Even talking hurt his chest, as it made him cough. He had a cold, no appetite, no energy, and yet he couldn't sleep. He felt dizzy all the time and suffered from headaches.

'I decided not to get Tamiflu. After about a week I was better and now my immune system is stronger having fought it off without medication. I don't regret not having the vaccination either,' he said.

He said that not knowing the side-effects of the drugs put him off taking them. ' I believe swine flu is overdramatic. I still don't know why it was on the news and everything, because really, any flu can kill you.'

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