Friday 23 August 2019

Up to 22,000 televisions in Wexford affected by Digital Switch-over

AS THE switch to digital television gets closer more and more people in Wexford are asking what they should do to continue to receive the Irish Public Service Broadcast television services on a Free-To-Air basis.

SAORVIEW is the new free digital television service that will allow the Irish public to watch and listen to indigenous television and radio channels free of charge.

Co. Wexford has an estimated 6,500 terrestrial households, i.e. those who depend on an aerial for TV reception on their main TV. These householders must take action before October 24, if they have not already done so. Taking this group into account, plus all the other homes that have TVs connected to an aerial in the kitchen, bedroom and soon, it is reckoned that there could be up to 22,000 televisions in Co Kilkenny that will be affected on October 24.

All you need to begin enjoying the new service is a UHF aerial (which most households have) and a SAORVIEW Approved receiver (either a television or a set-top-box). To check that SAORVIEW is available where you live, or to get more information about your local transmitter, you can check the website coverage checker at or you can call the designated information line Lo Call 1850 222 012.

TV Channels available on SAORVIEW are RTE One, RTE Two HD, TV3, TG4, RTE News Now, 3e, RTEJr, RTE One + 1, RTE Aertel Digital as well as 10 digital RADIO Channels.

The most watched programmes in Ireland are available on Saorview such as The Late Late Show, Coronation Street, Xpose, RTE News, Frontline, Eastenders, Come Dine with Me and The X Factor. The benefits of digital are o Crystal clear pictures o Better quality sound o 7-day on-screen TV Guide o Digital teletext: RTE Aertel By delaying until the last minute to upgrade, there is every possibility that product shortages may occur, and some installers may be unable to keep pace with the demands placed on them.

So getting ready for SAORVIEW means you either need to buy a new Saorview Approved Television or buy a Saorview Approved Set Top Box which can be connected to your existing television.

If you are already subscribing to a digital television service such as SKY or UPC, you will still need to check if any televisions in your house are dependant on the old aerial service as they too will need to be enabled to receive digital.

The vast majority of premises with existing outdoor or rooftop aerials will be able to receive the SAORVIEW signal. If you do not have an aerial, you may need to contact a local aerial installer A basic SAORVIEW Approved Set Top Box costs €60 - €100 . This is a once-off payment i.e. there are no future monthly payments for the SAORVIEW service.

Currently one third of all television sets and almost one quarter of all domestic households in Ireland rely on the analogue network as their primary television reception source.

In total it is estimated that over one million people accross the country are likely to experience some level of disruption to their television service in 2012.

In a drive to ensure that affected homes know how to respond to the changeover, a brief on-screen message has been appearing at regular but infrequent intervals on sets receiving the old analogue TV signal. The message does not appear on sets already receiving a digital television signal.

SAORVIEW is working with retailers in Co Wexford as part of a 'Saorview Fortnight' beginning on Monday July 16 by creating a 'Saorview event' in-store over this two-week period built around some attractive promotions and offers on Saorview Approved Set-Top Boxes and TVs.

Saorview are working closely with both Macra na Feirma and Muintir na Tira as part of a Volunteer / Helper progamme to help and support their neighbours in switching to Saorview.

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