Friday 18 October 2019

Upgrading of 19th century town centre houses plan - Manager

New County Manager Tom Enright
New County Manager Tom Enright

DERELICT houses and buildings in towns across the county may be upgraded under a new local authority plan.

Cllr Malcolm Byrne raised the issue, highlighting the fact that there are many such buildings in our towns.

Cllr Byrne called on the council to CPO the properties so that work can be done on them.

County Manager Tom Enright said he met with Minister Alan Kelly recently about this particular issue. He said there are 19th century buildings in town centres which need to be brought into use, adding that Minister Kelly suggested that they could be used for elderly residents as they are located close to churches and local facilities.

'We have a number of properties which we are considering for CPOs.'

Cllr Byrne said Wexford County Council has been considering this matter for some time.

'It's one of those obvious solutions when house building isn't occurring,' he added.

Mr Enright said the number of vacant houses is very high.

'A lot of them are not desirable and we need to refurbish them.'

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