Tuesday 12 December 2017

Use boarded up houses for homeless - Cllr

A call for all boarded up property in the county to be made available to the council was referred to the housing SPC.

Cllr Deirdre Wadding also sought government funding to acquire NAMA held property to house homeless people in the county and for the council to welcome refugees here.

Cllr Wadding said: 'We can deal with this problem if we get creative and if the will is there,' pointing out that there are many vacant houses in Riverchapel including 47 houses in one estate which are boarded up, along with a three storey community centre which is not in use.

Director of Services John Carley said: 'Where the council owns property that is boarded up we have a process with the department where we are doing them up if they are suitable for housing. If not we pass them back to the market. A lot of these houses are in private ownership and often banks and receivers are involved.'

County Manager Tom Enright said many of the estates are not suitable for social housing provision as there is already a lot of social housing in these areas.

'We don't want a huge concentration of social housing clustered together. We are trying to spread it out more. Often the house quality is poor. Sometimes they would have to be demolished and removed.'

Cllr Davy Hynes seconded the motion, saying there is a crisis in housing in the county.

The meeting heard that the council is spending €2.7m on a housing maintenance programme, which was described as 'colossal money'.

Cllr John Hegarty said the matter should be discussed before the Housing SPC.

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