Saturday 25 November 2017

Vandals lay trail of broken bottles


The bottle 'booby trap' at one end of the car park.
The bottle 'booby trap' at one end of the car park.

MINDLESS vandals laid a trail of destruction at Ballineskar car park on Sunday.

Witnesses said some of the bins containing bottles were tipped over and trails of smashed glass were left at either end of the car park, in an apparent booby trap aimed at unwary motorists.

'Mindless vandalism I am so angry and upset,' said one woman in Facebook posting.

'All the volunteers (are) doing fabulous work to keep our county beautiful and some idiots find this "fun" ...the bins out there have a sign "cctv surveillance in use" I hope cctv are in use and they are found and prosecuted,' she said.

Cllr George Lawlor said there was no doubt that the incident was delibrate and aimed at cars.

'This is both dumping and vandalism at the same time, I will be checking to see what the situation is with the CCTV,' he said.

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