Sunday 20 October 2019

Victim punched in face during robbery


TWO young Wexford people appeared before Wexford District Court on Monday charged with a 'reprehensible' robbery and have been warned they could be sent to jail if they don't fully comply with the court's directions.

Aoife Kavanagh (20), of 4 Ferndale Terrace, and Adam Pitman (19), of 35 King Street, were charged with robbing €100 from Paul Maher, at The Pillar, King Street, on November 13, 2010. Both Kavanagh and Pitman admitted the offence.

Kavanagh was first to plead guilty. Inspector Pat McDonald said that Mr Maher, aged 25, was walking down King Street towards Tesco. He was followed by a group of youths who stopped him at The Pillar.

A male, Pitman, began pushing him around while a female, Kavanagh, kept trying to put her hands in his pockets. Mr Maher pushed her hand away and Pitman punched him in the face, breaking his glasses, cutting his nose and giving him a partial black eye.

Kavanagh then went through his pockets and took €100 from him before they left in the direction of Tesco.

The court heard that Kavanagh had been before the court last May, on an assault charge and public order offences, and ordered to enter into a probation bond on that date.

Nigel Allen, for Kavanagh, said that she had compensation in court and co-operated with the Gardaí when brought in for questioning. He said she has a problem with alcohol and had attended Aiseiri last year.

'If she remains alcohol free there's a good chance she won't be before you again,' he told Judge William Earley, who was also handed a number of character references for Kavanagh.

Kavanagh was remanded on continuing bail until December 5 to see if she's a suitable candidate for community service. ' This was an exceptionally serious offence and I'm not ruling out a custodial sentence,' warned Judge Earley.

Inspector McDonald said the same evidence applied to Adam Pitman, the main difference being that he struck Mr Maher in the face.

Ed King, for Pitman, said his client wished to apologise to the court, the Gardaí and Mr Maher. He said that Pitman was extremely drunk, adding that this 'is not an excuse, but an explanation for his behaviour, as reprehensible as it was'.

He said Pitman, who has no previous convictions, is unemployed and has a long-term partner, who is expecting their first child.

Judge Earley remanded Pitman on continuing bail until January 16 next and ordered him to bring compensation of €750 for Mr Maher to court on that date.

He was also told to co-operate fully with the probation service until then and if he does both these things - as well as staying out of trouble - Judge Earley said he will give him a four-month sentence, but suspend it for two years.

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