Thursday 23 November 2017

Victorian postbox is saved after damage


A VICTORIAN postbox that was damaged by a car was in danger of being lost forever until a vigilant guesthouse owner stepped in to remind An Post that it is part of Wexford's heritage.

The postbox at Glena Terrace on Spawell Road, dating back 120 years, was struck by a car which caused it to crack along the base. Initially, An Post removed the box with the intention of replacing it with a modern one.

Séamus and Kay McMenamin, who run the award-winning McMenamin's Townhouse and had just posted over €1,000 worth of opera tickets into the postbox on the morning it was damaged, couldn't believe that the historic box was going to be dumped.

The box disappeared shortly after the accident, leaving the wellknown couple to wonder what had happened to the tickets which they sent to regular visitors to their guesthouse.

Then Séamus looked out and saw a man with a jackhammer preparing to remove the base. He asked what was going on and was told that the box was going to be replaced.

He protested that it was a historic piece of Wexford heritage, one of only a few Victorian post boxes still standing in the town, and should be restored and reinstated. He then alerted the Borough Council.

'It's a very busy postbox because you have the court and the County Council nearby,' said Kay. 'Some days you go to it and it's full'.

Fortunately, Séamus's concerns were listened to. Last week the repaired and repainted postbox was put back into position in Glena Terrace.

'It's great. We're delighted,' said Kay. 'It would have been a terrible pity if it had been lost.'

The McMenamins were also pleased to hear that all the letters in the damaged postbox were safely removed and posted to their intended recipients.

' The tickets were for three nights for three people who come every year and cost about €1,000. We contacted them to make sure they got them and they did,' said Kay.

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