Sunday 15 September 2019

Wadding 'gobsmacked' at Apollo House occupiers' rebuff

By David tucker

PEOPLE Before Profit councillor and activist Deidre Wadding found herself on the other side of the fence last week when her offer to help the occupiers of Apollo House in Dublin was turned down because she is an elected politician.

'Kinda gobsmacked here folks -- had offered my services doing anything from chopping veggies to sweeping floors and telling stories in Apollo House tomorrow and or Friday.

'Just got told I'm not welcome because I'm a councillor and elected reps are not allowed in the building,' she said in a Facebook post.

Cllr Wadding said this was 'totally a decision for the residents and and activists to make for themselves and I respect their absolute right to do so. However it really saddens me.

'I struggle with this role as it is. The only reason for a left wing activist to see election and become a rep is to take our work from the streets and carry the voice of the people, of which we are part, into the policy making arena.

'But somehow if we succeed in doing that we're no longer seen as part of the people. 100 per cent solidarity to all activists and residents of Apoloo House. I will support the only way I can, by sharing information and urging others to do whatever they can to help,' she said.

The Apollo building, on Tara Street and Townsend Street in Dublin, was taken over last week by activists under the Home Sweet Home Coalition and offered as accommodation to the homeless. The High Court has ruled that they must leave the building by January 11.

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