Wednesday 23 October 2019

Wallace votes against a pay rise

Mick Wallace says he couldn't in good conscience vote to give himself a pay rise while lower paid civil servants continue to struggle to pay their bills and '22 per cent of the workforce in County Wexford remain unemployed'.

The outspoken Independent deouty said he voted against a Government Bill to lift the pay freeze off public sector workers last week.

He said his conscience wouldn't allow him vote to give himself, his fellow TDs and other civil servants earning over €70,000 a year a substantial pay increase while lower paid public service workers were left with a few measly crumbs.

He said 'make no mistake, the people who benefit most from this bill are higher paid public sector workers while junior public sector staff such as nurses, teachers and Gardai, especially new recruits, will see practically no difference in their take home pay.'

'The Government implemented these cuts and attacks on civil service workers in the first place and now they're disproportionately reversing the cuts and this will benefit the better paid and better well off in society.'

Wexford People

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