Monday 20 November 2017

Wallace's slogans find favour on social media

By david looby

Two of Mick Wallace's campaign poster.
Two of Mick Wallace's campaign poster.

'YES We Can' was Barack Obama's winning message in 2012.

Jump forward to 2016 and Mick Wallace's mantra is more like Trust Me, I'm Your Man.

Through numerous quirky slogans, including the X Files inspired 'The Wallace is Out There', the Independent TD is trading on the perception of him 'out there' that he is all about the truth.

His campaign has become a hit on social media, especially his 'Wallace GE16' video, with its edgy soundtrack, expletive loop and clever editing, courtesy of Strawberry Films, designed to appeal to younger voters. His slogans are here for all to see online and on posters.

Among the catchphrases designed to hook voters are: 'The Inconvenient Wallace Vote For Truth', 'They Don't All Have To Be The Same', 'State Should Ease Burden Not Add to It' and 'Let's Call It As It Is - Wallace'.

Promising individuality, honesty and fairness, the Wexford Youths' man is aiming to strike a chord with disenfranchised voters and people tired with party politics' promises.

He came in for some flack last week for having posters on Wexford town's quay front which, some candidates hoped, would remain poster free for the election, and for his poster in the middle of Kent's Cross, New Ross, which was described as dangerous, but apart from these minor hiccups, his arrival on the scene has been well orchestrated.

One of Wallace's team said the campaign got under way last week, adding that both social media and posters are important ways to communicate with voters.

'He is out there and he is going to hit every village and town in Wexford. There was a bit of novelty about him the first time around and people saw him in the Dáil without a suit and tie. At the same time he is one of the hardest working TDs in the Dáil. He is in the top five in terms of contributions made in the Dáil. There is nothing he will shy away from.'

Speaking to this newspaper while out canvassing in New Ross on Friday, wearing his trademark pink top and black tracksuit bottoms, Mick Wallace said he was feeling good about his campaign.

He received great support in the town, as he walked around Braveheart-like without a coat in the elements, with people promising him their number one vote.

One elderly woman said: 'I like your rocking style', while another man recalled giving the TD a kick while playing with Shelburne football club against him many years ago.

'I remember that,' Wallace said with a wide smile, adding, 'we were almost afraid heading over to play you', before ambling down the quay in search of more voters.

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