Sunday 20 October 2019

Walsh seeks support for jobs task force

SUPPORT FOR a proposal to establish a task force for Co. Wexford to see what efforts can be made to promote employment for the county, which currently has 19,500 people on the live register, came before members of Wexford County Council at their monthly meeting last Tuesday.

Senator Jim Walsh in his letter seeking the support of councillors explained that a task force is now badly needed for the county.

He outlined that the South East has the highest regional unemployment in the country with over 57,000 people out of work. Wexford has been hit severely with over 19,500 people on the live register at the end of January 2012.

'I am hoping to convene a meeting of interested nominees from each council in County Wexford, along with Oireachtas members, to go about setting up a task force to see what efforts can be made to deal with this major social and economic difficulty,' he said.

'To start the process I am happy to organise the first meeting for the group,' he added and suggested that future meetings would be chaired by a member of Wexford County Council.

'While I commend Jim Walsh in trying to fix the mess, we have to have a singular focus,' said Cllr. Michael Kinsella.

However, across the table Cllr. John Hegarty struggled to see what was new about the idea and Cllr. Larry O'brien added that he didn't want any duplication.

A decision on the proposal has been deferred by the council until an announcement is made by Government in relation to local employment offices.

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