Sunday 18 August 2019

Warning over threat of car break-ins following two incidents in Wexford

A car belonging to Wendy Mangan was broken into while her daughter was working in the Morriscastle area.
A car belonging to Wendy Mangan was broken into while her daughter was working in the Morriscastle area.


people of Wexford are being advised to be vigilant following two car break-ins over recent days.

One car was reportedly targeted in the car park of the Talbot Hotel while the owner was in the gym. The car owner, who works for the Irish Wheelchair Association, returned to her car to find that a sum of money had been stolen from it. Her laptop, which was in the same bag as the money, was left untouched.

In a separate incident in Morriscastle public car park, a young girl found that the car she was driving had been broken into while she was at work. Lucy Mangan, who was driving her mother's car, did not have anything of value stolen from her. However, both windows were smashed and an empty handbag was taken from the back seat.

According to Lucy's mother, Wendy, the incident happened during a busy period.

'Somebody came into my daughter's workplace and said that a car had been broken into,' said Wendy. 'But nobody saw it happen, despite the fact that there were plenty of people walking around.'

Independent Councillor for Gorey, Mary Farrell lives in the Morriscastle area and also works with the lady who parked in the Talbot Hotel. According to her, such break-ins are difficult to prevent due to a lack of resources.

'It comes back to the idea of rural crime. Obviously crime can take place anywhere. However, there is a lack of Garda presence at the moment,' she explained. 'The Enniscorthy and Gorey areas have been drawn together. Gardaí are being moved and not replaced. The Gardaí just can't possibly spread themselves out over such a huge area.'

Cllr Farrell feels that people need to take such crimes more seriously.

'People forget that petty crime can be every bit as distressing as major crime for the people involved,' she said.

Although Cllr Farrell does not think that the lack of Gardaí resources will be addressed anytime soon, she advises people to be vigilant and not leave valuables in their cars.

'However, these people are professional thieves and are so well tuned into people's habits,' she added. 'The best that anyone can do is be cautious and be aware but this may not stop petty crime.'

Both incidences have been reported to local Gardaí who are investigating the break-ins.

Gardaí advised people not to leave any valuables in parked cars.

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