Sunday 18 August 2019

Waste in Liam Mellows to finally be cleared


A notice has been issued to the owner of a vacant house in Liam Mellows Park regarding over 40 bags of rubbish that have been left in the rear garden for over four years.

The notice, issued by Wexford County Council, states that the rubbish must be removed within a fortnight. If the owner does not comply, the council will be required to remove it themselves. Cllr. Davy Hynes, who has been trying to resolve the problem for several years, said that he is positive that it will finally be dealt with.

'Rory O'Mahony from the Environmental Section of the Council seems confident that the issue will be dealt with this time,' he said. 'It shouldn't have taken this long. It should have been addressed sooner.'

Residents of the estate have already expressed their concerns regarding the waste, which consists of several large bags and some flammable items such as a gas cylinder and an oil tank. According to Ella Hynes, who lives close to the property, the waste has been attracting rats and creating an eyesore.

'It is a health hazard,' said Mrs. Hynes, 'We're worried that in this warm weather, some of the rubbish might go up in flames.' Mrs. Hynes and other residents of the estate had previously contacted authorities but the issue was not resolved.

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