Friday 6 December 2019

Water leaks running at 10 per cent

Maria Pepper

Senior District engineer Lar Lett has confirmed that about 10% of the Wexford water supply is being lost due to leaks following Storm Emma.

Wexford Mayor Cllr. Jim Moore said some people had difficulty getting water pressure back in Taylorstown and was told by the engineer that a number of leaks remained. 'We know there are leaks out there but it's a matter of finding them', he said. 'It has been suggested that the loss of water is up to 10% as a result of leaks', said the Mayor. 'That would be accurate enough', the engineer replied. 'We have clawed some of that back. It's particularly in vacant houses and holiday homes. It's an ongoing process. We are still struggling to stop leaks. Most of the plants are back to normal and meeting demand but some are just getting back to normal including Taghmon and Barntown.'

Wexford People

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