Sunday 25 August 2019

'We are stretched... it's appalling'

Cllr Fergie Kehoe
Cllr Fergie Kehoe

By Amy Lewis

cllr Fergie Kehoe has raised the issue of a lack of funding for council house maintenance, saying that they have received no money for house repairs in recent months.

The councillor expressed his frustration at last week's Wexford Municipal District Council meeting, saying that many people are coming to him who are in dire need of home repairs but he is unable to help them. He then deemed it 'absolutely appalling' that there is currently no funding to deal with such requests, despite it being only halfway through the year.

'It is appalling,' he repeated. 'It is only July and we have nothing for repairs.'

He described the pressure that it was putting on both residents of the community and councillors, including himself.

'People are in need of repairs but we have no money,' he said. 'We are stretched to our collars.'

Cllr Kehoe called on other councillors at the meeting to write to government ministers, urging them to address the need for such funding in Wexford. He felt that by writing to Minister to the Environment, Alan Kelly, they might be able to secure some funding to help those in need. Until they receive funding, the councillor said that they will be unable to do anything for the people in question.

'We are trying to do up houses for people but with what?' he said.

Cllr Davy Hynes echoed Cllr Kehoe's concerns saying that it was 'a constant problem' for everyone.

Cllr Anthony Kelly agreed, saying that it is 'nearly impossible' to get all of the necessary maintenance work done.

'The list is endless,' he said, referring to requests that have been made for repair work.

For Cllr Kelly, the amalgamation of councils has been a factor that has driven the problem.

'Everything was amalgamated but the resources weren't,' he added.

Director of Services Tony Larkin said that they should be able to get 'good information' regarding when the funding will be provided for repairs. All present agreed that they would like to receive some clarity on the issue.

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