Wednesday 23 October 2019

'We didn't hinder the household collection'



WITH ONE Councillor slamming the government for attempting to blame local authorities for the poor collection rate of the contentious Household Charge, Wexford County Council are to write to the Environment Minister advising that Wexford council officials 'no way hindered' the collection of the charge.

Cllr. Declan Macpartlin hit out at last Tuesday's County Council meeting over the Minister and government spokespersons' attempts to attribute the failure to collect the household charge to local councils.

'The government people have made a foul up of the operation. It should have been simple. They have now tried to convince the public that it was the local government's fault,' said Cllr. Macpartlin.

'Certainly, there was nothing that we were asked to do that we didn't do,' said County Manager Eddie Breen, who explained that in order to facilitate people with no internet, who could not use the online system, Wexford County Council were asked to open local offices and man them, which they did on Saturday, March 31.

Cllr. Padge Reck told the meeting that Wexford County Council should not be blamed for something they have no responsibility over.

'We've staff who are sat there day in and day out collecting the charge,' he said, before proposing writing to the Minister advising him that the officials of Wexford County Council no way hindered the collection of the charge. His proposal was agreed unanimously.

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