Thursday 23 November 2017

We must focus on job creation says Wexford Chamber

By David Tucker

Madeleine Quirke, the CEO of Wexford Chamber, says that the continuing reduction in the unemployment rate is positive news, however we must focus on job creation.

'The most encouraging aspect of the December figures is the drop in the rate of youth unemployment.

'Youth unemployment fell by 0.9 per cent to 14.5 per cent in December and while remaining high, the trend over the past six months is moving in the right direction,' she said.

'High youth unemployment remains as a legacy of the recession and needs to be addressed. Increasing opportunities for young people starting out in the workplace is important not only for economic reasons, but is essential for the future social cohesion of Ireland.'

Ms Quirke said we must remain focused on job creation and tackling youth unemployment in 2017.

'There are two ways that this can be achieved.

'The first is by making youth unemployment a specific focus of the Action Plan for Jobs 2017, particularly here in the South East. Secondly, the Action Plan for Education must be delivered.. soon.'

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