Monday 21 October 2019

'We're lucky to be alive'

Fr Tom Dalton.
Fr Tom Dalton.
Mary Moran.
Catherine Jordan.
Ger Colfer.
John Nolan.
Jim Mcgilicuddy.
People gather near a collapsed house after the major earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal.

By David Tucker

A group of Wexford trekkers caught up in the devastating Nepal earthquake, in which at least 4,000 people have been killed, are camped out in freezing temperatures while they wait for a flight to bring them home.

Eight people from the county were in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu when the 7.9 quake struck on Saturday, toppling buildings in the ancient heart of the city, and in a isolated villages stretching to the neighbouring city of Pokhara.

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Among them is parish priest Fr Tom Dalton and Catherine Jordan, from Westgate Design, whose son Keith said the group had just left a temple when the quake began, sending people screaming into the streets as they tried to flee collapsing buildings.

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'They left the temple, all eight of them, and then 10 minutes later there was an aftershock and that temple collapsed killing lots of people.'

Fr Dalton said the group was fortunate in that they were in another temple, one of those to survive, at the time of the quake.

'We are very lucky to be alive, we weren't injured at all thankfully, but it's the closest I ever want to be to a 9-11 experience,' he told this newspaper.

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The eight in the Wexford party are Catherine, Fr. Dalton, Mary Moran, a nurse from Wexford General Hospital, from Barntown, Joan Etchingham, who works for FAS in Wexford, Jim Mcgilicuddy, who works at the Department of Agriculture, Ger Colfer, who owns Only Natural, in Wexford town, James Morrissey and John Nolan, from Nolan's Stoneworks.

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