Saturday 22 September 2018

Westminster Bridge attack hero Joanne held at knifepoint

Joanne in her bus tours uniform.
Joanne in her bus tours uniform.

By David tucker

A Wexford woman who was hailed a hero for her role in helping victims of the Westminster Bridge terror attack was recently held at knifepoint by a 'mad man' at a London restaurant.

Joanne Saunsbury (nee Crofton), from Wexford, said her husband Mark bravely put himself between the knifeman and herself before the man was 'disarmed' by staff in the restaurant.

'I have the bravest husband in the world. We went out for dinner and (at) the table beside us a man starts storming around holding a knife. Ends up holding it at my neck.. hubby puts himself between me and the lunatic,' Joanne said on social media.

'Staff arrive, waitress puts herself between Mark and the mad man.. waiter talks to the mad man and gets him to drop.. my God that was scary,' she said.

Back in April, Joanne was working on a tour bus travelling over Westminster Bridge when terrorist Khalid Masood ploughed his vehicle into pedestrians on the bridge.

'We were just doing the tour as normal and then there was an absolute flash and there was five people down that you could see and then there was two others that had been knocked down Westminster Pier steps,' Joanne said at the time.

'The person I was helping was severely wounded… It was just horrific, there was blood and there were people lying in pools of blood.

'I was doing CPR until the paramedics came. I learned CPR from my training with the Order of Malta in Wexford,' she said.

After mowing down pedestrians in his SUV, killing three of them, Masood jumped out of the vehicle brandishing knives and stabbed to death unarmed police officer Keith Palmer before being shot dead by other officers.

Joanne moved to London following her wedding last autumn to Englishman Mark Saunsbury. She could not be reached for further comment yesterday (Monday).

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