Friday 24 November 2017

Wexford candidates urged to Tweet

By David tucker

WEXFORD'S Tweeting Goddess Samantha Kelly, co-creator of the upcoming Social Media Summit, has revealed that most people would be more likely to vote for a politician who has engaged them on social media.

The TEDx speaker ran the Twitter poll, which attracted 270 respondents, with 53 per cent saying they would engage with politicians on social media. A little over a third (35 per cent) in the poll indicated that engaging with a politician on Social Media would not affect their voting and a further 12 per cent answered 'don't know'.

'Social media is a valuable tool for engaging and enriching lives, through communicating and sharing knowledge with lots of people and very fast in ways that wasn't possible only a short time ago,' said Samantha, 'politicians and their teams could learn a lot from the noted speakers at the summit who will be showing how brands and companies can excel through effective use of social media'.

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