Wednesday 13 December 2017

Wexford club get on their feet for Dublin Marathon

By Amy Lewis

Members of Wexford Marathon Club who took part in the Dublin City Marathon.
Members of Wexford Marathon Club who took part in the Dublin City Marathon.

Recently formed club Wexford Marathon Club hit the ground running in January and only months on, half of its members got on their feet for the Dublin City Marathon.

On Sunday October 30, 36 of the runners flew the flag for their county by taking part in the Dublin run. For eleven of these, it was their first time participating in a marathon.

In a statement issued after the event, Wexford Marathon Club congratulated all who took part.

'WMC had an amazing 36 members taking part, exceptional considering we only set up this club in January of this year! Everyone completed this epic event despite some setbacks. There were fantastic performances out there, magical moments, friendships made stronger and members showed true grit and determination when it got tough. As one of them quoted "sure what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" They soldiered on and overcame obstacles to earn that medal.'

Fellow members, family and friends came out to show their support and cheer them on on the day. These supporters held motivational posters and food offerings for the runners all the way along the route.

Tom O'Connell was the first from the club to cross the finish line, achieving a personal best by completing the marathon in three hours and 12 minutes. The remaining results were as follows:

Keith Robinson 3:22 (Personal Best); Conor Barry 3:22:54 (Personal Best); Lorraine Mc Mahon 3:24 (Personal Best); Jason Kehoe 3:29 (Personal Best); Anthony Kennelly 3:48; Pat Hore 3:48 (Personal Best); Mags Cullen 3:50 (1st Marathon); Paul Duggan 3:50 (Personal Best); Vinnie Murray 3:52 (Personal Best); Ciaran O'Leary 3:58:34 (Personal Best); Mag Balfe 3:59 (Personal Best); Anna Fiske 4:00; Barry Brown 4:02:45 (1st Marathon); Alan O'Rourke 4:04 (1st Marathon); Adrian Doran 4:12 (Personal Best); Niamh O'Brien 4:16 (Personal Best); Ruth O'Connell 4:17 (Personal Best); Ray O'Brien 4:17:53; Annemarie O'Brien 4:29 (1st Marathon); Eadaoin Quinn 4:21; Kay O'Brien 4:34 (1st Marathon); Paddy Rowe 4:35; Dermot Wallace 4:35:56; Lorraine Frayne 4:45:47 (1st Marathon); Sandra Burke 4:47 (1st Marathon); Georgina Gaul 4:47 (1st Marathon); Nicky O'Brien 4:55 (1st Marathon); Denis Gil 4:55; Jane Power 4:58 (1st Marathon); Shirley Walsh 4:58; Liz Hendrick 4:58 (1st Marathon); Tina Mann 5:10; Martin Carroll 5:11; Janet Kelly 5:58 and

Lynda Murphy 6:48.

Wexford Marathon Club was launched in Marathon Fitness in January by Chairman Paddy Rowe. The founders set up the club to encourage runners of all abilities to take up distance running on trails, mountains and roads. The group has been training twice a week since its foundation.

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