Sunday 25 August 2019

Wexford clubs and businesses are connecting for a good cause by taking part in a new online initiative

By Amy Lewis

Local clubs and charities met with founders of Hubangel recently to discover how they can increase their funding while in turn supporting local businesses.

The Hubangel information evening in White's of Wexford was organised to outline the benefits of joining the initiative, which is using Wexford as its national test site. Founders of the app., Declan and Ann Jones were present on the night to meet potential members and explain to all in attendance about how it works.

'Businesses download our app. and register with us. They can then partner with not-for-profit groups known as hubs by sending a friend request,' explained Ann. 'Businesses send offers via smartphone to the hubs and their members. If a hub member avails of this offer, the business donates a percentage of the sale to the hub.'

According to Ann, the app. benefits both parties as it is free to join and requires no investment in technology.

'It is a good way for locals to help other locals,' she added.

Further information evenings will be held on July 23 for clubs and charities and July 29 for merchants.

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