Tuesday 12 December 2017

Wexford committee pulls out of Daffodil Day over high salaries

By amy lewis

Dorothy O'Connor.
Dorothy O'Connor.

After 19 years of fundraising, the people of Wexford will not be supporting Daffodil Day due to concerns over the high salaries received by members of the Irish Cancer Society.

The Wexford organising committee for Daffodil Day, who have become familiar faces on the streets over the past two decades, have issued a statement in which they outlined their reason for not participating. They stated that they 'cannot justify' asking people to donate to a cause that pays salaries of up to '€145,000' and had a payroll of '€7.5 million' in 2014.

'We feel we cannot ask the people of Wexford to donate their hard-earned money to something that goes to pay such high wages and not to the cause that the money was meant for.

'We, the committee, would like to apologise to anyone going through cancer. We feel we are letting you down by our decision but we have to stand by our principles and redirect the money to the cause that it was collected for,' it continued.

Speaking in light of their announcement, committee member Dorothy O'Connor said that they were not happy to learn of the salaries, adding that they want to know where the money they raise is going.

'We rang around our volunteers to get feedback and most people didn't feel we should get involved this year,' she said. 'However, we are not stopping anyone who does want to get involved from doing so.'

Dorothy has been taking part in the fundraiser for almost 20 years and is joined on the committee by Helene Kehoe, Catherine Whelan and May O'Connor.

As of yet, they have no plan in place to take part in another fundraiser.

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