Sunday 22 September 2019

Wexford family comes to the aid of woman in a tent

Michelle Cummins Wall in her makeshift 'home' at The Rocks: she has now been taken in from the cold.
Michelle Cummins Wall in her makeshift 'home' at The Rocks: she has now been taken in from the cold.
Last week's Wexford People story which prompted one generous family to offer Michelle a roof over her head.

By David tucker

A HOMELESS woman living in a tent at the Rocks in Wexford town will have a roof over her head for Christmas after being taken in by a lovely family who offered her accommodation after reading of her plight in this newspaper.

Michelle Cummins Wall, aged 26, had said she didn't think she could cope any longer after nights living in the tent in freezing conditions.

'She's been taken in by a lovely family and she's doing very well, they were definitely send by angels,' said Mary O'Dowd, from Cromwellsfort, who has personally taken on a role to help homeless people in Wexford.

'It's not a long-term thing and she is looking to find permanent accommodation.. these are lovely, genuine people who went to the Rocks and removed her,' said Mary, who said that seven years ago she was herself homeless and knows how difficult life can be.

'She has been very honest and straight with these people who took her in.. they said they would also try to get her a permanent home,' said Mary.

'I didn't think she was going to see out this Christmas, she would have died of hypothermia.'

Michelle was in tears when she told this newspaper after life on the streets of Wexford and in her tent at the Rocks in sub-zero temperatures.

'Last week, I slept one night on a cardboard box in the doorway besides Subway,' said Michelle, who made no secret of living a troubled life. Because she does not have a permanent address, for former partner is looking after their children, aged six and two years old, although she says she will have them back once she finds a permanent home. 'The problem in this town is they don't recognise people as homeless. They regard them as couch-hoppers, but with families coming back for Christmas there are fewer couches available,' said Mary.

'I was homeless myself seven years ago and when I see somebody who is homeless my heart goes out to them because I know where they are, where they have been' said Mary, adding that she was aware of several people in the town who are living rough, including a man of 44 who is living in a shed at the back of another person's house.

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