Monday 22 January 2018

Wexford Festival Opera team come together for pre-fest party

By Amy Lewis

Steve and Geraldine Kelly.
Steve and Geraldine Kelly.
Lorna Kearney and Marianne Moran.
Helen Gaynor, Linda Harman, Kathy Kane, Shelia Kissane and Ruth Chapman.
Jacinta Roche and Monon Cooke.
Frances White and Grace Hall.

Over 170 of the Opera Festival volunteers took some time to socialise and kick back before Opera season gets in full swing.

The volunteers joined with many key figures in Wexford Festival Opera for their annual barbecue in the Riverbank House Hotel.

'The end of August is our time to get together and socialise before everything starts. Obviously we all work together but during the year, everyone is very busy,' said Media Relations Manager Elizabeth Rose-Browne. 'It was a great evening.'

Preparations for this year's Wexford Festival Opera are already well underway, according to Elizabeth, who said that it is creating a buzz in the town at the moment.

'This is the exciting part now - the build-up. A lot of the crew are in town and various parts of the sets have arrived. We will welcome our first wave of singers to the town on Sunday September 18,' she said.

The 65th Wexford Festival Opera will kick off on October 26.

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