Wednesday 17 January 2018

Wexford garda's wife tells of threats to family faced by her dedicated husband

By David Tucker

A Wexford garda's wife says her family has been threatened and her husband is regularly abused by the people he is trying to help, but she is supposed to shut up and saying nothing about it.

In a Facebook posting with a picture of a washing machine containing his blood-soaked uniform following a violent incident the night before, she says violent incidents, abuse and threats are all part of a garda's life - for them 'it's just another day in the office'.

'Going to get into so much trouble for posting this, you have no idea!!!' she says.

'This washing machine contains my husband's blood-soaked uniform.. thankfully he is OK. He was first responder to another violent incident last night, just another day at the office for a garda, sure it's what they signed up for.

'He has requested help for the area he covers as he is on call 24/7 but the resources aren't there, people think nothing of calling to the house day or night, family has been threatened, he gets regular abuse for not being at the station to sign forms when he is responding to emergency calls or off covering other areas that are under resourced.

His pay is abysmal, but it's not about the money. There are more resources needed for the gardai, more manpower.

Last night's incident could have been so much worse, but I'm supposed to shut up and say nothing until....what?'

The comments were originally posted some weeks ago, but have since being re-posted and have just come to the attention of this newspaper.

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