Monday 23 October 2017

Wexford had one of the highest number of house repossessions last year

Wexford had the highest number of repossession orders granted outside of Dublin and Cork, the latest Courts Service figures show.

A total of 1,284 orders for repossession were granted in the State's 26 circuit courts last year, up from 1,063 in 2014. Of these, 918 were for primary homes with 366 for buy-to-lets or other dwellings.

The data shows the highest number of orders - 170 - was granted in Cork, of which 123 were for primary homes and 47 for other dwellings, while 160 orders were granted in Dublin last year - down from 253 in 2014 - of which 113 were for primary homes and 47 for buy-to-lets or others.

In Wexford 80 orders were granted last year, 40 for primary homes. In Tipperary, 77 orders were granted, 65 for primary homes.

There were 72 orders granted in both Laois and Louth, with 58 granted in Meath and 57 in Wicklow.

The fewest repossession orders were granted in Longford where there were 10 - four for primary homes - followed by Sligo where there were 11, three for primary homes.

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