Wednesday 23 October 2019

Wexford man drove to court – while disqualified from driving

'HOW did you get here today,' Judge Patrick Clyne asked a man applying to have his licence restored at Wexford District Court.

'I drove,' Rory Stafford with an address at Barrack Street, Wexford, told the court. A moment's silence descended as Judge Clyne considered his reply.

Mr. Stafford was applying for his licence back after being disqualified from driving for three years in March, 2009 on a drink driving charge.

He explained that he has been living in America for the past three years and has a New York State licence. When he arrived home, he rented a Hertz car that came with insurance.

'If the gardai lifted you outside the door, they would have a valid reason to bring a prosecution,' the Judge told him.

'You should not get behind the wheel of a car while you are disqualified from driving in this country.'

'I wasn't aware of that,' Mr. Stafford replied.

'Are you driving home today,' Judge Clyne asked him.

'I'm not now,' Mr. Stafford responded. 'You should not have driven into court to get your licence back, the Judge said.

Mr. Stafford replied that he had been home seven or eight times during the past three years and had never driven during that time.

The Judge informed him that in order to get valid insurance, he must tell the insuring company about his conviction.

Judge Clyne then granted the restoration of his licence.

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