Monday 19 August 2019

Wexford man says Africa climb nothing compared to childbirth

Frank and Ryan Packer, a chef at UCD, at the summit.
Frank and Ryan Packer, a chef at UCD, at the summit.

By David Tucker

A Wexford town businessman who recently returned from a charity climb of Africa's highest mountain says he is already planning another trek to raise money for a good cause.

But Frank Jordan and his wife Aine are expecting their first child 'imminently' and he says he would rather be back on the gruelling trek for the summit at Kilimanjaro than facing into childbirth, having just watched some birthing films at an antenatal class.

Frank, who runs the Mace store on North Main Street, and Marion Morrissey, from Glynn, were among 14 Irish people who completed the climb to raise funds for ISPCC/Childline.

'The summit night was the hardest,' he said, 'it was an 11-hour trip and you constantly felt sick because of the altitude.. we were all suffering from headaches and nausea,' he said. 'When you get to the top it is perfectly flat.. and you are an emotional wreck by the time you get there, but you forget everything, the pain, it's the same feeling you would get if you won the All-Ireland,' he said. Frank said that it took five and a half days to get to the summit for 10 minutes at the top.

'It was too long too cold to stay any longer,' he said. Frank said his next marathon into the unknown was due in the next two weeks when his child was born. 'We were watching a DVD of childbirth at the antenatal class last week and I'd rather be climbing Kilimanjaro than watching that again,' he said.

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