Friday 15 December 2017

Wexford men more likely to remarry than women - census

By David Tucker

wexford men are more likely to remarry following divorce than women, according the latest figures released following the 2016 Census.

There were 2,506 remarried persons in the county, with men representing 46 per cent compared to 33.6 per cent of women who are divorced.

There were 40,406 families in County Wexford at the time of Census 2016, an increase of 1,217 (3.1 per cent) on the 2011 figure.

In April, 2016, 38 per cent of those of 15 and over living in the county were single (44,412 people), compared to 41.1 per cent in the State alone. A further 54,583 people (46.8 per cent) were first time married, compaired to 40 per cent nationally. The number of divorces increased by 702 to 3,383 and accounted for 3.3 per cent of those aged 15 and over. The 6,741 widowed persons comprised 5.8 per cent of those aged aover 15 years. There were 90 people in the county living in same-sex civil partnerships and 4,226 in the country overall, with Census 2016 marking the first time that this relationship category was recorded in an Irish census. The number of people living alone increased by 655 to 12,865, which represented 8.7 per cent of all those living in private households. Of these, 5367 were aged over 65, with women accounting for 60.2 per cent.

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