Monday 16 December 2019

Wexford midwives take well deserved break for international day

Midwives at Wexford General Hospital
Midwives at Wexford General Hospital

Simon Bourke

The women responsible for bringing new lives into Wexford took a well-deserved break at Wexford General Hospital as they celebrated International Midwives Day.

Ensuring the Maternity Department remained fully-staffed throughout the day, the midwives broke for coffee and cake when the opportunity arose. And the day was made all the more special by the arrival of some familiar faces.

'We brought together the old and new by inviting some of the former midwives back for the day,' said Helen McLoughlin, Director of Midwifery at Wexford General Hospital.

'We also launched our new maternity logo which is unique to the maternity unit at Wexford Hospital,' Helen added.

And, in the spirit of the day, Helen and her colleagues injected a bit of humour to proceedings. 'We found baby photos of members of management and everyone had to guess who was who,' she laughed.

Outlining the role played by the hospital's midwives, Helen sad, 'Midwife means "with woman". We're with her when she's going through one of the most important phases of her life. And we support and stay with the woman and her family throughout the entire experience, whether it's good or bad. And it's privilege for us to be invited into these people's lives and be a part of it.'

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