Monday 22 January 2018

Wexford mother feels like 'we will never have a home'

'Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get a house,' said Wexford mother Caroline Hunt who was 18 years old and pregnant with her eldest son Luke when she first applied for a local authority house in Wexford.

Luke is now nearly nine years old and has two younger brothers aged seven and one. Caroline is married to her husband Jason and the family live in a rented house in Whitebrook in Wexford town.

Caroline received a heartbreaking setback four years ago when she went to the Council to check her position on the housing list, thinking she must be near the top by now.

She was informed that her name had been taken off the list some years earlier as she didn't respond to a Council letter which she insisted that she never received.

'I was living at the same address and if I had received the letter I would have replied. There is no way I would have ignored it,' she said.

'I had the same phone number for 12 years so it wasn't as if they couldn't contact me.

'A few years passed and I thought I should have heard something. I thought we were close to getting a house. When I discovered my name had been taken off, I was so upset, I was in tears in the office.

'I remember having a breakdown and crying. I was thinking we'll never get a family home now.'

Caroline and Jason had to go through the process of re-applying.

'We haven't got the means to get a home ourselves,' said the Wexford woman.

The family have been renting their Whitebrook house for over five years. 'We're making it the best we can but we know it's not our home,' said Caroline.

'It feels like we'll never have a home. We know we're going to have to uproot the children and move eventually but we don't know when. It doesn't seem like it's going to happen.

'We're right back to square one again. We're way behind. I don't even feel like we're going to get a house in the next few years. By the time we get a house, Luke could be ready to move out and he'll never have had a proper childhood home,' she said.

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