Friday 17 November 2017

Wexford not included in mortgage pilot scheme

By Esther Hayden

Wexford Courthouse in Ardcavan.
Wexford Courthouse in Ardcavan.

Wexford Courthouse has not been named as one of the 16 dedicated 'Centres of Excellence' named as part of a pilot scheme to provide advice to distressed mortgage holders who are in fear of losing of their homes.

Last week the Government announced details of a €10 million three year scheme which will see mortgage arrears advisers sitting inside court rooms to provide advice and assistance to those engaged in the insolvency process.

The scheme will be administered by the Department of Social Protection in conjunction with the Money Advice and Budgetary Service (MABS). The service will also involve Personal Insolvency Practitioners (PIPs) negotiating with borrowers on behalf of distressed householders. A national network of 'court mentors' is also being established to attend with clients and offer support and advice on court proceedings.

However despite the exclusion of Wexford Courthouse Nicky Rossiter of Wexford MABS said that the distressed mortgage holders in Wexford won't lose out.

'It is an evolving process and it will be of major benefit to those in mortgage difficulties who are willing to engage with lenders with the support of a national, free and highly experienced organisation.

'While Wexford is not listed in the release as having a Dedicated Mortgage Arrears Advisor in the first instance our citizens will have access to the service with new posts in the process of being filled. 'The Wexford MABS service has used its own limited staff resources over the past few months to ensure a presence at mortgage case hearings in the local court and this will continue in tandem with the DMA service.

'If you are in mortgage arrears and have a court date pending it is very important that you attend. Accepting that such attendance may be an ordeal our staff member will be available to support and explain matters if required. Legally MABS cannot represent a client in court but it has been found that moral support can alleviate a lot of the stress.

'Mortgage cases can be complicated and MABS never promises a quick fit solution because there usually isn't one. But Wexford MABS will assist and support you in any way possible with realistic advice and experience built up over more than two decades.

'If you are in mortgage difficulties without a pending court appearance we would urge you to contact MABS to discuss your options and through assistance and support hopefully come to an arrangement that makes a traumatic court appearance unnecessary.

'While offering this mortgage advice and providing a local Debt Relief Notice service through the Insolvency legislation we continue to offer a full and holistic service in dealing with money worries and problems from personal loans through utility bill difficulties and the myriad other financial worries that can beset anyone in our society.

'No one deliberately gets into debt but when it comes it can be a devastating blow to a person, a relationship or a family. The more careful you have been in the past the more stressful debt appears. But you do not have to face it alone. Wexford MABS has assisted people in the county for almost 20 years and the most uplifting phrase we constantly hear is that 'facing up to this has lifted a huge burden'. if you feel that money worries are causing stress or even just minor irritation why not talk for free to a confidential, trained and experienced money adviser who will treat you with respect, empathy and in a non-judgemental fashion to assist you in confronting and overcoming the problem.'

MABS is a free, professional, independent service. In Wexford you can contact MABS on 0761 072780 or text 086-4535484 (for a call back) or e-mail

The national helpline is 0761 07 2000.

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