Saturday 21 September 2019

Wexford photographer Padraig sends money to White Helmets

Padraig Grand with one of his pictures from time spent in Syria.
Padraig Grand with one of his pictures from time spent in Syria.

By David tucker

Wexford photographer Padraig Grant has sent a €1,031 donation to the White Helmets, the volunteer rescuers who have saved the lives of thousands of people caught in the Syrian civil war, including in besieged Aleppo.

Padraig, who visited Syria in more peaceful times back in 2001, raised the funds by making Christmas cards out of some of his photopraphs, with all the proceeds going to the White Helmets, praised by the mainstream media for their humanitarian work, but vilified by Russia and its allies.

'The money has already been handed over, there's an urgent need,' said Padraig, adding that he would be happy to make up more cards if anyone still wanted them, although time was short.

'People can drop money money directly into me or if they want cards I'll make them up for them,' said the Rowe Street-based photographer.

He said the money raised was sent to the UK-based registered charity the Syria Campaign and went directly where it could be of most benefit. Padraig said that back in 2001, the Syrian people were very welcoming to him, however, there was a simmering resentment towards the Assad regime which was to explode into a civil war in which hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, with the tragedy still going on.

Anyone who wants to make a contribution for the White Helmets can reach Padraig on 087 2866466 or through his website

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