Friday 23 August 2019

Wexford planners refuse plans to convert creches

104-105 Cluain Dara which a developer had wanted to change from a creche to residential.
104-105 Cluain Dara which a developer had wanted to change from a creche to residential.
104/105 Cluain Dara (D Tucker)

David tucker

A DEVELOPER has been refused planning permission to convert two creches in a Wexford town estate into residential accommodation.

Greentree Developments had applied for a change of use of the creche facilities, which have been largely built but never used, at the Cluain Dara estate, in Coolcotts. One of the developments is at 104 and 105 Cluain Dara and the other at 187 and 188 Cluain Dara.

The two creche facilities are situated in semi-detached, two-storey houses.

The refusals for both applications were on similar lines, is that such changes would breach of national guidelines and would deprive a 200-house estate of childcare facilities.

Greentree told planners that there were already too many childcare places in the vicinity, however, the planning authority responded by saying the 'current lack in demand is not considered a reason why the creche is not needed or will not be required at some stage in the future'.

'The proposal to remove childcare facilities from a 200 residential estate is not acceptable in principle,' senior executive planner James Lavin said in his report in reference to the proposed change at 187 and 188 Cluain Dara.

'The planning authority would consider a change of use to an alternative community facility such as a community hall, men's shed, youth club/cafe. A use where the creche facility could be reinstated when demand returns. The omission of this childcare facility is not accptable.'

The proposed development would result in the omission of the permitted childcare facility from the overall housing scheme, where it is considered appropriate that childcare facilities would be provided.

Planners, deciding the application for 104 and 105, said such a development, with no proposal for an alternative creche facility in Cluain Dara, would also be contrary to national childcare facilities guidelines for planning authorities and Wexford Town and Environs Development Plan 2009-2015.

'The change of use of the permitted creche within the Cluain Dara estate to two semi-detached dwellings is not acceptable in principle'.

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