Friday 15 December 2017

Wexford Quays need urgent repairs


TOP AND ABOVE: Warped and broken boards on Wexford Quayfront are a hazard for pedestrians.
TOP AND ABOVE: Warped and broken boards on Wexford Quayfront are a hazard for pedestrians.

LARGE sections of Wexford's showpiece Quayfront are in urgent need to attention, with warped and splintered boards creating a hazard for people using the amenity.

But instead of devoting some of the €1 million government grant given it to improve the Quays and repair the decaying boardwalk, the county counicl is to spend the money on upgrading the other, lightly-used area between Crescent Quay and Trinity Wharf.

The decision has led to a shocked former mayor Cllr George Lawlor to criticise council officials over the plans to reburbish Wexford Quays, which he says will ignore the 'dilapidated area' that's most in need of work.

Cllr Lawlor tackled Director of Services Tony Larkin over the issue at last Monday's borough district meeting after the chamber was told the €1 million in grant aid for the quays received by the county council would be spent on the stretch from Crescent Quay to the newly-acquired Trinity Wharf and would ignore the section of the quay from Crescent Quay to Wexford Bridge.

The issue came up at the meeting during a discussion on the three-year capital programme from 2017 to 2019.

'I was very taken aback to discover that the refurbishment would only cover the area from Crescent Quay to Trinity Wharf,' said Cllr Lawlor.

'It was always my understanding that the quayfront in its entirety would be refurbished. In my view, the area that needs it most and the area that is in most need of it and most used, is that from the Crescent to Wexford Bridge,' said Cllr Lawlor, urging other members of the chamber to force a re-think by officials.

'The area of the quays to Wexford Bridge is the most dilapidated and in some areas is quite dangerous and I was shocked to hear that the money won't be spent on it. It beggars belief and it needs to be rectified,' said Cllr Lawlor.

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